About us

We have extensive experience developing energy projects based on different technologies. We generate value to our customers from natural resources with renewable energy. And in Cainmani we have a great capacity for innovation providing solutions to our customers.

Our Team

We understand a company as an adventure. Adventures are successful if you trust the people who carry them out while enjoying the journey. Each person in our team has a story of overcoming and loyalty that makes them unique.



We analyze the best wind locations to make the most of natural resources.


We consider water as the best and most reliable natural energy storage.


We transform the solar energy into electricity through our work. Supplying cheap and unlimited energy to our customers.

End-Users Business




We understand the special needs of remote areas and weak grid supplies, providing cheaper and reliable energy solutions.

Data Centers


Data Centers

When the energy accounts for a big portion of your business costs, we can reduce our customer’s expenses while turning their energy consumption into green.

Water Treatment Facilities


Water Treatment Facilities

We believe that the concept of wastewater is odd and completely out of place in a water-scarce world. We work to turn wastewater back into our most precious natural resource.

Project phases


We start projects from scratch. We look for the optimal locations for the projects and apply the best technology or the best combination of technologies.


In the Ready to Build (RtB) phase, the technical project has been developed and all permits and licenses have been obtained.


This Commercial Operation Date (COD) phase is reached once the project is built and ready to start operations.


Operating periods vary according to the technology, but these are projects with a minimum duration of 20 years.


The land is returned to its original state once the useful life of the renewable projects has ended. Recycling is a key element in this phase.

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